Japan Will Establish An Integrated Command In Response To CCP’s Possible Invasion Of Taiwan

According to the Central News Agency in Taiwan, on June 6th, the Japanese Defense Ministry has determined a policy to set up a new position of integrated commander for the unified command of the land, sea, and air self-defense forces.
To prevent the CCP from a sudden invasion of Taiwan, Tokyo has to tackle the CCP’s ever-increasing military threat in waters surrounding Japan and Taiwan. Moreover, Japan will have to confront the same risk of war.
The establishment of the integrated command aimed for the unified order of the land, sea, and air self-defense forces combined with new military areas of space, cyber, and electromagnetics and the necessary capacity enhancement to meet the military challenge posed by the CCP.
The Japanese government anticipated completing the revision of the long-term guide for diplomatic and security policy before the end of this year, including national security strategies, a national defense program outline, and a medium-term plan for defense capabilities in its national defense implementation report.
The newly-established integrated command was also listed in the national defense program. The program will be published before 2023. The Japanese Defense Ministry is actively planning and building new combat units, facilities, and organizational patterns.

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