European Parliament Adopts Report On Support For Taiwan

On June 7th, the European Parliament overwhelmingly adopted the report ” on the EU and the Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific”, which is the fifth report adopted by the European Parliament in support of Taiwan in 2022.
The report expresses the EU’s support for Taiwan in many ways. It stresses that the CCP poses a threat to the territorial integrity of Taiwan and that the EU opposes any unilateral action that coerces and undermines the status quo in the Taiwan Strait.
In addition, the report acknowledges Taiwan as an important partner and democratic ally of the EU in the Indo-Pacific region, urges the EU to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan on a wide range of issues, and reiterates its support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations and conferences. In response, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Taiwan will continue to firmly defend universal values such as democracy, freedom, rule of law and human rights, and continue to actively work closely with the EU and its member states to confront the threat to the international order posed by authoritarian regimes.

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