The United States Approved a $120 Million Naval Arms Sale to Taiwan

On June 9, the United States approved the sale of ship parts to Taiwan worth USD 120 million to help upgrade and maintain its warships. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said this would help ensure combat readiness in the face of Communist China’s “frequent activities” near the island.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency said in a statement that after the agency’s State Department approved the arms sale, it submitted the required supporting documents to Congress, and the military made the sale at the request of the Taiwanese embassy in Washington.

It said the sale covered unclassified spare and repair parts for ships and ship systems, logistical, technical assistance, and U.S. government and contractor representative technical and logistical support.

“The proposed sale will contribute to the sustainment of the recipient’s surface vessel fleet, enhancing its ability to meet current and future threats.” The agency said in a statement that the parts would be sourced from “approved U.S. Navy vendors and/or U.S. Navy stock.”

Taiwan’s defence ministry said the deal was expected to come into effect within one month and expressed its thanks to Washington for its support in helping Taiwan be able to protect itself.

Neither side has provided the details of the parts Taiwan would be receiving. The democratically governed Taiwan has complained of repeated missions by the Communist China air force operating in its air defence zone. The Communist China navy has also been conducting increasingly routine tasks near Taiwan. Washington sees it as part of Beijing’s efforts to pressure Taipei to accept its sovereignty.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was the fourth arms sale within one and half years and the third time in 2022 since Bided was in the office. As well as continuing the policy of normalizing arms sales to Taiwan in recent years, “assisting my country in obtaining equipment needed for defence immediately and effectively improve its self-defence capabilities.”

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