The Current Social Ecology of the Communist China Is Far Worse Than 1989

In the June 8 Grand Live Broadcast, Miles Guo explained that Communist China today is far worse than it was back on June 4th, 1989, both in terms of the civic consciousness of the people and the moral standards of society as a whole.

As a first-hand witness, Miles Guo saw students shouting “No more bureaucratic corruption”, “Media independence”, “Democracy and freedom” and other slogans. All levels of society, from intellectuals to workers and farmers, supported and expressed solidarity with the students’ parades, sit-ins protests, and the public was enthusiastic about political participation.

However, this trend frightened the Chinese Communist Party. 33 years after the brutal crackdown on the student movement, the CCP carried out a thorough brainwashing of the people, built up firewalls, public opinion censorship, and full-scale surveillance of daily activities. Today, the people have been tamed by the CCP as selfish, greedy, cowardly, ignorant slaves, and the communist ideology will become a danger to human society if it is not corrected.

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