Nike Run Club App Will Cease Operations in Communist China

On June 8th, Nike Run Club (NRC) app issued a user notice that it will suspend service in mainland China starting from July 8th, 2022. Simultaneously, Garmin sports gadgets will also stop data synchronization with NRC. Users who need it can apply for data export and account cancellation before the service is suspended.

NRC is one of the earliest running apps to enter mainland China, dating back to the Nike+ kit launched for iPod in 2006. In addition, Apple watch also has this running app built-in.

NRC has 8 million registered runners in mainland China, and the accumulated running mileage is over 600 million kilometers. Pertaining to the news of NRC going offline, runners have said, “Even memories are not available,” and some runners have bemoaned, “this is full range of isolation.”

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