NFSC: A Strong Support For U.S. To Take Down The Chinese Communist Party

On June 5th, Miles Guo made some comments in a livestream that whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still exists or not, it will not change the status quo of the declining U.S. economy. However, taking down the CCP will enable the U.S. economy to recover faster, otherwise the continued existence of the CCP will bring the U.S.’ economy and even the whole world’s economy a smaller chance to recover. Washington dominates America’s politics, while Manhattan dominates America’s finance and economy. These two cities, one a political center and the other a financial center, could play important roles in the process of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

Miles shared that the U.S.’ public opinion in favor of taking down the CCP has reached an all-time high of 56%. This achievement in public opinion can be credited to the whistleblower movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), which have been tireless exposing the CCP from its unrestricted warfare to its Blue-Gold-Yellow program (BGY Plan), from the CCP virus to the toxic vaccines. The whistleblower movement and the NSFC have raised international society’s awareness that the CCP is the root cause of all the disasters in this world.

In the efforts of exposing the CCP’s evil doings around the world, Miles revealed who was behind the shooting at a church in Nigeria at 10 o’clock in the morning local time. It was an inter-religious shooting incident, killing more than 50 people. It was the CCP who was behind it and had planned out the chaos in Africa, South America, and other places about two to three months ago. Its purpose was to create social contradictions, and increase racial hatred and religious conflicts, to confuse the public and divert attention. The social chaos in Africa is showing Americans what the United States could become if the CCP gets sanctioned by the United States.

Moreover, Manhattan could also face such danger, and there are already Jews who felt that fear. Taking down the CCP became the common consensus and the only option for the U.S. If the United States wants to form a plan to take down the CCP politically and economically, they will need the strong support from the New Federal State of China.

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