Next Year Will See Great Progress In The Official Recognition of the NFSC

On the New Federal State of China’s second anniversary day, Mr. Bannon said he hoped to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) next year, and that it is not Impossible.

According to Mr. Bannon, the CCP’s massive lockdown kept 400 million people at home. The CCP used firewalls to cover the truth, set social credit scores and established concentration camps in Xinjiang, which all showed that the CCP is very vulnerable.

Mr. Bannon noted that the NFSC will make great progress in gaining official recognition next year. We should act and work together to gain official recognition from NGOs and other organizations. All it takes is one group to recognize the NFSC and it will light up the fuse that will blow up the CCP.

Mr. Bannon further stressed the need to ensure people in other countries are aware of the NFSC so that they can pressure their own organizations and governments to stop recognizing the CCP, the transnational criminal group that has spread the deadly virus throughout the world, and instead recognize the decent and hard-working NFSC people. By then, there will be many organizations and countries that will want to recognize the NFSC, that is what he and Miles Guo will be working hard to achieve in the coming year.

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