Mr. Guo Analyzes the Whole Story of the US-China Game

In the grand live broadcast on June 3, Miles Guo analyzed the current US-China game and its trend of development.

Miles pointed out that the United States was a super-powerful country before World War I, and this was even more evident during World War II. However, with globalization and the development of the Asia-Pacific region, including China, the U.S. is gradually losing its patents, technologies, and talents.

If Communist China continues to follow its previous course of focusing on economic development and surpasses the United States in GDP, then Taiwan will automatically return to Communist China, then Communist China will have the opportunity to take over the hegemony status of the United States.

However, since Xi Jinping took power, he quickly led the CCP’s economy to the edge of collapse, and now sees Russia failing to quickly take over Ukraine.

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