Chinese Communist Party Rushes to Justify the Shanghai Lockdown

On June 1, immediately after announcing the gradual unsealing of Shanghai, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issued a letter of thanks in an attempt to set the tune of Shanghai’s zero lockdown disaster, as a “great defense” of the residents’ voluntary quarantine at home under the leadership of the CCP, in order to consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention.

At 6:00 a.m. that day, just six hours after the lifting, the Shanghai Municipal government released a letter of thanks to the people of the city on major media platforms, trying to write off the fear, hunger, resentment, and helplessness that the people of Shanghai had suffered for two months with a letter that did not list any of the humanitarian disasters caused by the Zero-Covid policy, and did not show any apology. Xinhua News Agency even said on the same day that it would release a documentary “The Great Shanghai Defense”, which would once again cover up the truth, refuse the facts in the so-called epidemic, and rewrite all the disasters caused by the CCP as “Touching China”. CCP continued to deceive and brainwash the people inside China with the scheme of turning “funeral” into a happy occasion.

Many people also said that the unsealing of Shanghai by the CCP is not worth celebrating and that the CCP should apologize to the residents of Shanghai for its incompetent and useless policy of harsh lockdown and control.

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