1 Dead, 8 Injured In Guizhou-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway Derailment Accident

At 10:21 on June 4th, an accident occurred near Rongjiang Station in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous region in Guizhou Province. A D2809 train heading from Guiyang to Guangzhou in Communist China, the front end of the train ran off the track and was severely damaged.

It is reported that the soil pile has poured into the main railroad due to a mudslide caused by heavy rain, beside the highway above the Yuezhai Tunnel entrance on the Guiguang-Guangzhou Line. When the train was driving to the crossing, it encountered a sudden mudslide and an accident occurred. The accident caused the derailment of carriages 7 and 8, causing the tragic death of a driver and injuries of a conductor and 7 passengers.

According to a Chinese reporter, in the early morning of June 4th, the Rongjiang County Meteorological Observatory issued a red rainstorm alert, warning to take precautions against secondary disasters. Civilians questioned that there should not be piles of soil above the entrance of the bullet train tunnel. The relevant departments neglected their duties and ignored the rainstorm warning, and failed to clear the pile of soil in time, resulting in serious casualties. The specific cause of the accident and the attribution of responsibility are under further investigation.

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