Multinational Condemnation of Russia’s Onslaught on War-torn Ukraine as An Act of Genocide

On June 1st, the Chair of the Senate of Ireland, Mark Daly, said that the Irish Senate had adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s military assault in Ukraine as an act of genocide.

According to the resolution, the Senate urged the nations worldwide to maintain and strengthen sanctions against Russia while cooperating in ending the imports of Russian oil, gas, and coal. In addition, the resolution added that “the political leadership of the Russian Federation be held accountable for its crimes in Ukraine.”

As Russia’s aggression entered its fourth month, many countries have publicly accused Moscow of genocide against the Ukrainian people. On Apr 21st, the Estonian Parliament was the first to recognize Russia’s military operation in Ukraine as genocide. On the same day, the Latvian Seimas made a similar decision. On Apr 28th, the Canadian Parliament unanimously recognized Russia’s crimes in Ukraine as genocide. On May 10th, the Lithuanian Parliament became the first to recognize Russia as a terrorist state. Its Seimas also unanimously acknowledged that the war crimes of Russian troops in Ukraine were genocide against the Ukrainian people. On the next day, Czech Senate also recognized the crimes perpetrated by the Russian military as genocide.

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