U.S Divests from CCP’s Military-Industrial Companies

Nikkei Asia reported on June 2nd that the United States requires all citizens and entities to divest from Communist China’s military-industrial companies by this Friday. Chinese Communist authorities had to mobilize state funds to offset market selling pressure resulting from this decision.
The number of sanctioned Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s companies has reportedly risen to 68, mainly listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Hong Kong, as well as a few in Europe. Many of them are affiliated with CCP-owned state enterprises that have never been listed, engaged in military engineering, navigation, aviation, rocket, and satellite technology.
Miles Guo had stated in a previous live broadcast that the U.S. would impose full-scale sanctions against CCP-owned companies in the military, internet, and finance sectors. Communist China’s economy and the CCP-controlled internet firewall will face collapse by then.

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