Japan’s Positive Military and Civilian Response to the CCP’s Possible Invasion of Taiwan

According to the Taipei Times on June 1st, a recent telephone poll conducted by Nikkei Research indicated that more than 90% of Japanese believed Japan should prepare for the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan. 41% of the respondents said Japan should revise its laws to improve its capability of responding to conflict in Taiwan, while 50% said Japan should prepare within the existing legal framework. In addition, 56% of respondents approved a proposal by the Liberal Democratic Party-led government to increase the defense budget to 1% of the country’s GDP, while about 60% of respondents agreed with preserving a military capability to strike back at an enemy.
Yoji Koda, former commander-in-chief of the Japanese Self-Defense Fleet said the Japanese government currently lacked the legal authority to build up stockpiles or render other military assistance to its allies unless the emergency was formally recognized.
He added that Russia amassed forces near the borders of Ukraine before the invasion, which suggested a similar military buildup would precede a military invasion of Taiwan.

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