U.S. to Provide Ukraine With Advanced Rocket Launch Systems

On March 28th, according to several media reports, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy said in a recent interview with an independent Russian journalist that he discussed with Russia on Ukraine’s security guarantees, neutral status and nuclear-free status, as well as the issues of eastern Donbass region.

However, these issues may involve changes to the Ukrainian Constitution, for which Ukraine needs to hold a referendum and Ukraine would like to receive third-party guarantees for any agreement.

Zelenskyy also noted that the primary condition for a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine is the withdrawal of Russian troops and a ceasefire. According to Ukraine’s constitution, joining NATO and the EU is a strategic goal for the country. Since the country has not yet joined NATO or other security alliances, the issue of security guarantees is its major concern at the moment.

In addition, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine will not discuss with Russia on issues such as demilitarization, as these concepts are “difficult to understand”. According to other sources, a new round of negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian negotiating delegations will be held in Istanbul,Turkey from March 29th to 30th.

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