The So-called Unlocking in Shanghai and Partial Blockade in Beijing

On June 1, local time, the CCP Shanghai government announced the gradual restoration of normal living order, and said that neighborhood committees were prohibited from restricting residents’ free access, “except for high-risk areas, block areas, and controlled areas”.

In addition, the operation of Shanghai’s ground public transportation and rail transportation have resumed, and the official also announced that it will accelerate the resumption of work, production, business, and the market. However, according to sources, it is required to report leaving Shanghai and return home to quarantine at their own expense.

Meanwhile, Beijing, however, has experienced a sudden outbreak of the epidemic, with several areas under control. Beijing’s current policy is to resume normal production and life without new cases for more than seven consecutive days, but officials say the task of zero-Covid is extremely difficult.

Miles Guo has repeatedly reminded us that the zero-Covid policy in Shanghai, Beijing, and Changchun is the CCP’s social stress test. Therefore, after the so-called unblocking of Shanghai, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic occurred in Beijing, which is so coincidental. Now, the CCP is still deceiving the ordinary people with the epidemic of the zero-Covid policy.

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