Lithuanian Foreign Minister Suggests G7 Make Decisions When the UN Security Council is Paralyzed

On May 28, local time, the British media published an interview with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis. During the interview, Landsbergis suggested that when the UN Security Council is paralyzed when Communist China and Russia refused to conduct a new democratic alliance, G7 may be the answer to address certain problems.

He also pointed out that Taiwan’s institutions should use the word “Taiwan” in a dignified manner overseas, and that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) coercion of other countries to cut off relations with Taiwan through various means is a naked act of a big country bullying a small one.

Although the CCP has withdrawn its ambassador and blocked imports from Lithuania, even removing Lithuania from the customs system because of its firm defence of Taiwan’s status. But what defends a country, he said, is not necessarily great military power, but the principle that the country has a right to exist within its internationally recognised borders. At present, Ukraine’s resistance against Russian aggressors is the very efforts made by small countries to defend their rights and interests and is building the future of the global security order. Finally, he also stressed that the UN Security Council, which still accepts China and Russia as veto-wielding members, is unlikely to be a channel for building new democratic alliances, and one could even argue that the UN Security Council is paralyzed because of China and Russia.

Under the above circumstances, G7 could act as a democratic Security Council to discuss and offer certain decisions. Observers note that this statement by the Lithuanian foreign minister is in line with the view expressed successively in May by the U.S. and Japanese leaders that the UN Security Council needs to be reformed. It also confirms what Miles Guo has been saying, that the perverse actions of the CCP and Russia around the world will certainly lead people to re-examine the value of the UN’s existence, and that Japan will definitely become one of the veto-wielding members if the UN is still in existence after the reform.

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