CCP’s Bullying Behavior Rejected, Becoming an International Ridicule

On May 30, Israeli media published an exclusive interview with Taiwanese Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu. Shortly after, the Chinese embassy requested that the interview report be taken down, otherwise they would sever ties and downgrade diplomatic relations with Israel. After being categorically rejected by the media, the interview was published as planned, the CCP became an international Ridicule.

In the interview, Joseph Wu said that the CCP’s increasing military intimidation and provocation against Taiwan have seriously threatened the security of the Indo-Pacific region, including the East and the South China Sea. The cooperation and expansion of the CCP and Russia have turned the global political situation into a confrontation between democratic countries and dictatorial countries. He said that Taiwan stands at the forefront of opposition to the CCP’s dictatorship, and the CCP should not ignore Taiwan’s determination and ability to defend itself.

A spokesman for Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the threats made by the CCP to foreign media exposed its fears, and the CCP’s failed threats were making a mockery of itself on the international stage. The spokesman also said that if they wish, the senior CCP officials are welcome to be interviewed by international media to discuss topics including Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and the persecution of religious and dissidents, and to publicly provide reasonable explanations and clarifications about what they have done at those regions and to the people.

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