Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra Auctions Trophies to Raise $900,000 for Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra has auctioned off its trophy to support the Ukrainian army, according to a May 29 report by foreign media. On Sunday, the Orchestra participated in an auction led by Ukrainian TV host Serhiy Prytula. Their crystal microphone trophy, which was won at the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month, sold for $900,000 at the auction.

The fund raised will be used to buy the PD-2 unmanned aerial system, which consists of three aircraft and a ground control station, Prytula said at the auction.

The Orchestra thanked all those who participated in the auction in a post on social media, especially the winner who won the bid for $900,000, and said the winner is now the owner of the trophy, may the glory go to Ukraine and the glory to the Ukrainian army.

Entering its fourth month, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has killed thousands of civilians, caused millions of Ukrainians to flee, and left many cities in ruins. Over the weekend, Ukrainian troops endured heavy shelling while blocking an attempt by Russian forces to take over West Verodonetsk, the largest city in the eastern region of Luhansk that is still under Ukrainian control.

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