GFashion Antidote New Series on Sale Online

On May 28th, at the GFashion headquarters in New York City, USA, three fellow fighters of the New Federal State of China showed us some of the new clothes from the GFashion Antidote collection that will be available on May 31st.

In addition to the inherent characteristics of GFashion, such as wearing comfort, beauty, selection of high-quality materials, and showing fashion taste, this series of clothing adds elements of antidotes under the background of current Covid-19 and vaccine disaster, which can bring a special experience to consumers.

In terms of pattern design, the antidote series draws the chemical molecular structure and formula of the vaccine antidote artemisinin, as well as its name in Chinese and English, at appropriate locations on the garment. It can both widely disseminate the information about the vaccine antidote at the time of the vaccine disaster and bring hope of survival and health to the general public in the dark, and also become a good carrier for people to remember this special history in the process of passing it down from generation to generation.

GFashion is not only Vogue but also an embodiment of the unique quality of the people of the New Federal State of China, which is worth every one of us experiencing and savoring carefully.

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