G|FASION Shows the New Chinese of NFSC’s Spirit

On May 27, the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement who have arrived in New York started to prepare for the second anniversary ceremony of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). While working intensively, the fellow fighters enjoyed being the first to get to check out the latest G|FASION clothing that will be launched soon, and some tried on the gorgeous designer clothing. This not only gave them a chance to better understand GFASION, but also showcased the new image of the New Chinese, that is, the members of the NFSC.
When Miles Guo watched his fellow fighters try on the clothes, he shared his views on fashion. He believes that it is worthwhile for us to learn from the way how Westerners have preserved and passed on their clothing to their descendants. Clothing should demonstrate one’s characteristics and qualities, and it should be something that can be passed on. It should not just be a consumable item to be discarded at will.
The fellow fighter also gradually learned during the process of trying on the clothes that G|FASHION not only focuses on the material and beauty in the design process, but also takes into consideration the characteristics and the needs of the human body. Unlike some other clothes that look stylish but can be very uncomfortable to wear, G|FASHION brings consumers more comfort and naturalness, while allowing the natural beauty of the human body to shine through.Fellow fighters believe that Miles, as the chief designer of G|FASHION, his design philosophy for clothing is like his expectations for his fellow fighters, which is always the same, which is to follow the way of heaven and pursue higher quality. This philosophy is the foundation that can make anything last for a long time.

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