Protests Break Out In Many Colleges And Universities In Tianjin

On the evening of May 26th, Tianjin University, Nankai University and other universities in Tianjin held large-scale protests and demonstrations, following the on-campus protests in many colleges and universities in Beijing.

It is reported that after the escalation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, the neighboring city of Tianjin also suddenly raised the level of control. On the 25th, Tianjin Heping District began to implement “All area static management”. On the 26th, Tianjin Nankai District also announced that a new round of Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) for all citizens will be carried out throughout the region, and the entire domain will remain relatively static from that day on.

After the announcement, the extreme closure and control policy finally aroused the anger of Tianjin university students, and large-scale protests and demonstrations broke out in Tianjin University and Nankai University one after another. According to the video posted on the Internet, the students at the scene chanted slogans such as “Down with formalism” and “Down with bureaucracy”. After negotiation, college students will gather at the square on the east side of Zhengdong Library at 8 pm on May 28th. At the same time, the five major demands put forward include: clarifying the method and time of final exams; responding to the policy of online classes and offline exams; clarifying the time of holidays and homecoming; solving practical problems, such as exam week compression; and not holding students accountable and not interviewing them.

It is reported that after the protests broke out, the Tianjin authorities dispatched a large number of police to maintain stability and suppress them. The trend of this event is currently unclear. Analysts reminded that at the sensitive point of “June 4th”, when some unscrupulous media reported, they misinterpreted the “Down with formalism” shouted by the students as “Down with Xi Jinping”. Its political implications speak for themselves, in this regard, one must remain vigilant.

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