CCP Ignores The US’s Warnings And Forcibly Launches Military Drill In South China Sea

According to Taiwan media reports, the CCP’s Maritime Safety Administration released an announcement on May 26th, saying that they would hold military exercises in the South China Sea on May 28th.

The drill will be held in the 100-square-kilometer waters less than 25km off the coast of Hainan Province, the maritime traffic of which will be suspended for 5 hours. In addition, the CCP planned simultaneous military exercises in other waters near Hainan Province and in multiple areas off the coast of eastern China next week.

It is learnt that this time point coincides with the sensitive moment when the U.S. has just issued warnings about the CCP’s military and economic ambitions in Indo-Pacific regions. Moreover, the U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken accused CCP of escalating the tensions across the Taiwan Strait on May 26th, saying the words and actions of Beijing authority became more and more provocative and the CCP’s fighters violated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on an almost daily basis. Blinken called for the solidarity of the international community to confront the CCPs attempts to reshape the international order. Nevertheless, the CCP completely ignored the US’s stern warning and forcibly conducted military drills, further exacerbating the Taiwan situation.

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