Miles Guo Talks About The June 4th Anniversary And The Vaccine Disaster

On May 28, Miles Guo said on Gettr that the June 4th anniversary celebration of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) is approaching, many fellow fighters will be traveling to the scene to participate in the celebration. There will be some risks for our fellow fighters to attend the activities due to the CCP virus and vaccine crisis, and recently, some fellow fighters have experienced symptoms of the CCP virus.

Miles also mentioned that it is a sensitive period, and the whole world, including the Chinese Communist Party, is watching the June 4th anniversary celebration of the NFSC and the June 4th Massacre in 1989, and brother-in-arms who go to the scene will face certain security risks.

In particular, Miles also highlighted the fact that the world is now paying attention to the vaccine disaster, the virus issue is no longer mentioned. Countries around the world have successively canceled the vaccine passports.

On the issue of vaccines, Miles hopes that comrades-in-arms must improve our ability to judge true and false, good and evil, and only by ourselves can we survive during the vaccine disaster.

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