Beijing Emergency Medical Services Delay, 32-year-old Died of Heart Attack

According to a Gettr post on May 26, Mr. Song, a Beijing resident, claimed on social media in communist China that his only son, who was 32 years old, died of a sudden heart attack due to the delay in Emergency Services by the Beijing 120 Emergency Medical Center. He had to wait 54 minutes for an ambulance in an epidemic-controlled area in Shunyi District, Beijing.

It is reported that Mr. Song’s son, who lived in a rental home in Beijing Shunyi District, suddenly felt strong chest tightness and pain in the early morning of May 11, and quickly called the 120 emergency medical center. Mr. Song said that his son’s rental place was only 5 kilometres away from the nearest hospital. Normally, it should only take the ambulance 10 minutes to arrive. After receiving the call, the emergency centre first told them that they needed to report to the district council, and then said that they were unable to contact the receiving hospital due to the pandemic. After a delay of 54 minutes, the patient eventually lost consciousness and died on the street. Relatives recalled that the medical staff did not take any effective first aid measures after arriving at the scene, and informed relatives that they still could not find a hospital that could receive them.

Under the CCP’s extreme “zero-covid” policy, similar tragedies have occurred in many places. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement have repeatedly pointed out that the man-made disasters caused by the CCP will not stop until the CCP is eliminated.

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