North Korea’s Kim Dynasty Collapsed, and Japan’s Security Council Became Permanent

On May 23, Mr. Guo Wengui said in the Getter video that President Biden’s visit to South Korea shows that the world is changing greatly. The Kim dynasty of North Korea will be overthrown, and the United States supports the entry of the Japanese Security Council into permanent status.

Mr. Guo emphasized that without the support of Russia, the dictatorial North Korea will soon be eliminated, and there will be no more hereditary generation of the Kim family, and its mad dog value to the CCP will no longer exist.

Viruses, vaccines, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Sino-US confrontation, and the actions of the five Axis of Evil, the US has no choice but to make Japan a normal country, and Japan will surely become the world’s second military power.

Mr. Guo further pointed out that the United States has clearly stated that it will protect Taiwan by force from its vague policy on Taiwan in the past, which has effectively curbed the CCP’s attempt to use force against Taiwan. After becoming a permanent member of the Security Council, Japan, relying on its own economic, military and scientific and technological strength, will also make greater contributions to world peace and stability.

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