China uses Japan Self-Defense Force early warning aircraft as target aircraft

Japanese media reported on May 26 that according to a photo recently released by the US Planetary Laboratory Satellite Company, the CCP has set up a model similar to the Japanese Self-Defense Force early warning aircraft in the inland area.

It is reported that the photo reflects the situation in a desert area in the Xinjiang region of China, where an airstrip and multiple planes can be seen. Nishimura Kinichi, a former intelligence analyst at the Japanese Ministry of Defense, said that the photo should show the missile launch test site of the Chinese military, and the large model aircraft in the center of the photo is also an early warning aircraft in service with the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. This clearly shows that once Japan intervenes in the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan, the CCP will also attack Japan.

In this regard, Masuda Masaki, head of the Political and Rule of Law Research Office of the Defense Research Institute of the Japanese Defense Ministry, said that this fully shows that the CCP has been steadily preparing for the armed aggression against Taiwan.

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