UN Officials Admit Global Food Crisis Coming in 10 Weeks

According to foreign media reports, a United Nations food supply expert warned that the world will face a global food crisis in just 10 weeks. A U.S. agricultural analysis firm also issued an early warning that global wheat reserves will be depleted in 10 weeks.

Previously, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has warned of a similar food crisis, saying the Russian invasion of Ukraine had become the major driver in the crisis. It is believed that the global wheat supply is facing a serious shortage due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Public data shows that Ukraine and Russia together contribute 30% of the global wheat supply. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, all ports of Ukraine have been blocked by Russian troops, and entire Ukraine’s food exports have been paralyzed.

Meanwhile, India has suddenly announced a ban on its wheat exports also pushing global wheat supply prices to new highs.

In the face of the global food crisis, Miles Guo, founder of the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement, said earlier that 2022 would be the darkest year for mankind, and food and pure water would become the scarcest material for humanity. At present, the global food crisis is near. And the CCP, as the world’s largest food importer, can be foreseen to return to its early 1960s famine.

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