U.S. State Department Says U.N. Human Rights Chief’s Visit To Communist China Was A Mistake

Foreign media reported that U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet will begin a six-day visit to the western Xinjiang region of Communist China on May 23. Her office said last year that most Uighurs in Xinjiang were illegally detained, abused, and forced to work. Bachelet hopes to enter Xinjiang without restriction, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry said Bachelet’s visit would be conducted in isolation to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

On May 24, the U.S. State Department said Bachelet’s agreement to visit the CCP was a mistake because of concerns that the CCP’s restrictions on her visit could undermine the censorship of Beijing’s human rights record.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a regular press conference that the CCP did not expect the necessary access to conduct a comprehensive, uncontrolled assessment of the human rights environment in Xinjiang. Price believes that visiting the CCP is a mistake under these circumstances, as Bachelet cannot fully understand the atrocities that the CCP has committed against humanity and genocide in the region.

He added that media reports of the fact that the public security bureaus in two Xinjiang districts leaked thousands of photos and documents confirmed the heinous abuses there. Price also said it is hard to imagine that the CCP’s Xi Jinping government did not realize it was responsible for these human rights violations.

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