Miles Guo Refutes Fallacy: “U.S. Takes Advantage of Taiwan”

In a live broadcast on May 24th, Miles Guo sharply refuted the Chinese Communist Party’s political lies claiming that “the United States uses Taiwan,” and explained the true nature of the U.S.-Taiwan relationship. Miles Guo pointed out that for decades, under the CCP’s intense political deception, many Taiwanese officials and scholars have believed in fallacies such as “the U.S. uses Taiwan as an aircraft carrier” and “the U.S uses Taiwan to sell weapons”. Miles Guo revealed that Taiwan is not an indispensable military strategic location for the United States. In the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S. has a variety of options, including the Korean Peninsula, Japan, Singapore, etc. which can become the United States “never sink aircraft carrier”. But Taiwan is crucial for the CCP to become a maritime power and to dominate the world!

Regarding the fallacy of “the U.S. uses Taiwan to sell weapons,” Miles Guo disclosed that the annual arms deal between the United States and Taiwan is only $3 to $5 billion, and Taiwan’s export trade to the U.S. accounts for half of Taiwan’s trillion dollars GDP. TSMC is making hundreds of billions of dollars in profits annually in the United States. In high-tech fields such as chips, the United States also gives Taiwan technology output and provides sales markets. It can be said that the U.S. is not using Taiwan but feeding Taiwan economically and through trade. Because the U.S. and Taiwan share common beliefs and share common adherence to democracy, the rule of law, and freedom.

Miles Guo likened the relationship between America and Taiwan to the relationship between the New Federal State of China (NFSC) and each of its fellow fighters. Just as the NFSC deeply cares for each of its brothers-in-arms, the United States has firm protection and commitment to Taiwan. Miles Guo emphasized that the NFSC must help the Taiwanese people to understand good and evil and to distinguish between truth and falsehood. Helping the Taiwanese people to break through the lies of political deception created by the CCP, and convince them that the democratic world, represented by the United States, is the true trustworthy ally of Taiwan.

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