Jinsha Lake Subway Station In Hangzhou Is Flooded

CCP media reported on May 18th that Jinsha Lake subway station in Hangzhou was suddenly flooded with water on the same night, turning the surface inside the station into a sea of water while the train was still crowded with passengers. According to witnesses, it was not raining at the accident. Still, the subway station was suddenly flooded with water for no obvious reason, and the people at the scene were urgently notified to evacuate. On their way to exit, they found that all elevators had taken on water and were unable to function.

Subsequently, the CCP released news claiming that since the subway station was situated near the Jinsha Lake Park sunken square, the overflowing of the lake water was the cause of the sudden flooding of the Jinsha Lake subway station. But local netizens broke the news that the construction team had dug through the lake embankment, causing the water to flow into the subway station. It is reported that this is another serious flood accident in the subway in Communist China after Zhengzhou rainstorm disaster of July 17th last year.

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