CCP-Controlled Digital Currencies Will Become Evidence and Tools To Take Down The CCP

On May 18, Miles revealed the nature of CCP-controlled digital currencies, including USDT or Tether and other Tether tokens. He disclosed the purpose of total control over the Chinese people and the evil intention of replacing the US dollar after decoupling from Western finance. Miles pointed out that the New Federal State of China (NFSC) gathers evidence of the unrestricted currency war and legal war as the most powerful tools to take down the CCP. Miles said that the digital currency market has recently collapsed horrifically, with countless people ruined by Bitcoin, Tether, and Binance. To invest in any digital currency, one must first understand its history, owner, and background.

Tether is controlled by Ma Mingzhe, LUFAX, and other Wang Qishan-controlled financial groups worldwide, including Wall Street. Tether and Binance are both among the top five digital currency exchanges in the world. Their goal is to internationalize the digital RMB. On the one hand, they control the information of the earliest digital currency investors of Communist China to blackmail them. After the US and China decoupled, Tether would represent a second US dollar and serve as a hiding place for the devil’s money; The CCP is the shadow behind all these USDT, Tether, UST, and LUNA.

Miles stressed that the CCP‘s easy reaping of a trillion dollars from the digital currency market must be held accountable. The NFSC will help the victims of LUNA, Tether, and Binance by collecting evidence of market manipulation by these platforms, investigating their background, and finding the map of the CCP’s unrestricted economic and legal warfare against the West. These invasions included targets of US intelligence, cyberspace, currency, finance, etc. All of these findings are the best evidence and tools to take down the CCP.

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