US President To Visit South Korea and Japan Carrying Warning to CCP

US President Joe Biden has begun his first Asian trip, having arrived in South Korea yesterday where he will stay for 2 days. Biden will then visit Japan from the 22nd to 24th. President Biden will meet with South Korea’s new president Yun Seok-yeol in Seoul, and then later in Tokyo will join the U.S.-Japan summit and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Summit with leaders from Japan, India, and Australia.

Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida said the US-Japan summit aims to strengthen the US-Japanese partnership to address the threats from the Chinese Communist Party. Biden will sign a joint statement with the US government confirming the partnership to achieve stability in the Taiwan Strait region.

All these will send a strong message to Taiwan that the US and Japan will work together to contain the increasing provocations from the CCP in the Taiwan Strait region. “The importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait” has been repeatedly affirmed by the US and Japan since April 2021, this was the time when the US and Japan first started to mention Taiwan since 1969.

Analysts believe Biden’s Asian trip carries a strong signal to the Communist China, warning CCP not to take any actions to destabilize Asia regions, and especially not in Taiwan.

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