Japanese Journalist Experienced the Gradual Deprivation of Freedom by the CCP

On May 16, a Japanese reporter recounted his personal experience at his Shanghai station, revealing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gradually deprived people’s freedom during the pandemic.

The journalist said that the lockdown lifting claimed by the CCP is not accurate, and that Shanghai people’s freedom is still being deprived. Firstly, the residents allowed out within a short period told him that the CCP had set up nucleic acid test sites in various neighbourhoods and strictly restricted people from entering or leaving any place without a nucleic acid test report within 48 hours. Then, a Japanese who had prepared a large number of supplies during the lockdown and later returned to Japan at great expense told the journalist that he could not control his tears when he arrived at Japan’s Narita Airport. He said that he was firmly locked into his living quarters in Shanghai and that the CCP deprived him of his freedom. The journalist further said that what he wants to do after reopening is simply to go shopping and drink coffee.

Observers indicated that the journalist’s experience again verifies what Miles Guo has reminded people during several live broadcasts that one of the purposes of the CCP’s release of the virus and vaccine mandate is further to deprive the people of their freedom through lockdowns.

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