Liu Leguo, Who Participated in the Persecution of Miles Guo, under Investigation

On May 17, the Liaoning Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision released news that Liu Leguo, a former deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department, is suspected of serious disciplinary violations and is currently under investigation. Miles Guo has mentioned about Liu Leguo many times in his previous live streaming and said that there is no doubt that Liu Leguo would be arrested and investigated, because he, like Meng Jianzhu and many high-ranking officials in the Chinese Communist Party, did all the bad things to protect the interests of the party and the regime. And also because of the many bad things he did for the party, he would definitely be silenced by the party in the end.
Back In 2018, Miles Guo was fined 60 billion yuan in the name of a false crime of “Forced Trading”, the highest fine ever imposed on an individual in history. Liu Leguo was both the operator and executor of the case persecuting Miles Guo.
In addition, Liu Leguo is not the first person to fall from the position of the public security system in Liaoning Province. Reports inside the Communist China indicate that in the past two years, three directors of the Liaoning Provincial Public Security Department, Li Wenxi, Xue Heng, and Wang Dawei, have been dismissed from position one after another. Furthermore, three directors of the Dalian Municipal Public Security Bureau, Wang Li-ke, Yang Yaowei, and Liu Leguo, have also been investigated.
Many Brothers-in-arms in the Whistleblowers Movement believe that the vicious infighting within the party is accelerating the process of eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

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