Xi Jinping’s Anti-corruption Campaign Repeats The Same Mistakes As Russia’s Oligarchy

During the grand live broadcast on May 15th, Miles Guo explained Xi Jinping’s so-called anti-corruption policies as well as the rationale behind campaign. Miles said only very few people could gain wealth in an authoritarian regime, but the wide gap between rich and the poor could bring about disastrous results to the country. Russia was carved up by Putin and Yeltsin long ago, while Communist China was repeating the same mistakes as Russia.

Miles mentioned that to purge other factions from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Xi Jinping launched the large-scale anti-corruption campaign after taking office, resulting in new oligarchs in the CCP. In the meantime, Wang Qishan, financial oligarch in Communist China, took advantage of the anti-corruption campaign to maintain the interests of his own factions and crackdown on dissidents.

Nevertheless, Miles also emphasized that the emergence of the Whistleblower Movement shattered Xi and Wang’s ambitions to control every aspect of Communist China. Xi Jinping became the last remaining dictator in the CCP, whose poor health created the excellent situation to take down the CCP.

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