The Whistleblowers’ Movement Reshapes The Pursuit, Dignity And Lifestyle Of Chinese People

During the grand live broadcast on May 15th, Miles Guo said the Whistleblowers’ Movement was of great significance to all Chinese people on the grounds that it concerned the pursuit, dignity, and lifestyle of everyone in China.

Miles said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had a supranational fear of the Whistleblower Movement, which brings irreversible damage to the CCP every moment on account of its adherence to the principle that only truth prevails, sincerity and the norms of acknowledging mistakes and correcting them.

On the other hand, Miles also mentioned in the live broadcast of the Whistleblower Movement is impacting the pursuit, dignity and lifestyle of Chinese people. By virtue of the enormous attention, fellow fighters demonstrated their concepts of fashion, wisdom, and lifestyle, which was never possible for anyone in Communist China.

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