Xi Jinping’s Anti-Human Character Determines China’s Status Quo

In the live broadcast on May 15, Miles Guo answered the question about the relations between Xi Jinping’s physical condition and his decision on invading Taiwan. Miles said that the worse Xi’s physical condition becomes, the faster and harder he will attack Taiwan, and the more vicious he will be to the Chinese people. Xi is always afraid of being liquidated by the people. He has always seen Putin as his idol, and vows to protect the interests of his own family.

Xi Jinping believes that Communist China is his homeworld; and that the people should be brutally ruled. The citizens in Communist China should never be allowed to have democracy and freedom. And because of this, he was promoted by the CCP as the leader of the party. He worshiped Marxism-Leninism and the Russian Tsar, and had a soft spot for the ancient Roman era and the Persian Empire. He believed that the people were slaves, whose life and death were not important. Xi treats the people around him as close slaves, and requires everyone to abide by the rules as well as follow the principle. However, the law he requires other people to follow is solely made by himself. Therefore, Xi’s method of governing the country is the same as that of gangsters.

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