Japanese Media Question Chinese People Not Resisting Against CCP

In a program on May 10th, a Japanese media reporter in Shanghai once again stated that because the CCP lied about the timeline of the lockdown and did not provide any information of the condition for the release, he would no longer believe any official announcement of the CCP. He also raised a key question, why the Chinese people were only protesting against the lack of supplies and being locked in at home, but never protested against the core problem, which is the CCP’s “zero COVID” policy, or the CCP regime itself.

A reporter in Beijing explained with his interview video that although there are many humanitarian disasters seen on the Internet, Beijing citizens who have not experienced it themselves said that the “zero COVID” policy is better than “laying-flat”, and to choose between whether to develop the economy or to fight the pandemic, they would only give up the economy.
In this regard, analysts pointed out that the questions raised by the Japanese media are exactly what the New Federal State of China has always said, that the CCP is the root cause of all evils, and the CCP’s brainwashing of the Chinese people has made many people not able to differentiate good and evil, but instead praise the evil. As Miles Guo said in many of his live broadcasts since March, he used to feel helpless, that there are always some people who could not be woken up. The New Federal State of China can only try its best to save more compatriots with conscience and wisdom.

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