CCP Requires Chinese Citizens In Ukraine To Register With Its Embassy, Then March Evacuation Was A Lie

On May 15th, local time, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine suddenly issued an announcement requiring all Chinese in Ukraine to register with the Communist China embassy. The announcement contradicts the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda in March that all Chinese in Ukraine had been safely evacuated.

Since March 8th, the CCP has widely publicized in major media that all Chinese nationals in Ukraine have been evacuated. Zhao Lijian, from the CCP’s Foreign Ministry, specifically confirmed the information in a press conference. However, the New Federal State of China (NFSC) News and Miles Guo in his live broadcast, repeatedly revealed that many Chinese in Ukraine had either been charged high prices to return home by the CCP or had been abandoned by the CCP. With the help of NFSC’s frontline volunteers, many Chinese compatriots were finally able to escape from the war zones, and that was after the CCP announced the successful evacuation of all Chinese nationals.

Observers point out, the CCP’s announcement confirms the fact that the CCP abandoned Chinese citizens in Ukraine in March. Although the announcement stated that it was aimed for “a small number of Chinese who voluntarily stayed” or “entered Ukraine for urgent reasons,” it reflects the fact that the Chinese embassy has no idea, or cares about how many Chinese people have been stranded in the Ukraine war zone, nor has it fulfilled its responsibilities and obligations as a government.

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