The Ground Condition At The NFSC’s Camp In Medyka Fully Upgraded

On May 13 afternoon, Nicole, a frontline volunteer for the Ukrainian- Rescue Operation of the New Federal State of China (NFSC ) and the Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) in Poland, posted a video to show the new completion of gravel-paved camp ground surrounding the Medyka rescue tent.

In the past few days, due to the heavy rain, there was stagnant water in front of the rescue tent. The dirt ground became muddy and made it difficult and unsafe for the refugees and volunteers to walk around the tent. Volunteers from the NFSC Frontline Rescue purchased trucks of gravel and worked together, wheel-barrowing, shoveling and leveling the ground. After two days of hard work, the volunteers finally had the front of the tent covered with gravel so that the camp ground conditions and overall surrounding of the tent is greatly improved. Now, the camp is well prepared for the rainy season with the upgraded ground condition.

Anti-slip rubber mats and runners are spread outdoors on the walkway leading to the entrance of the tent. That helps people walk safely and helps trap dirt as well. Guǐ wǔ, a fellow fighter, also tied the mats and runners together to secure the pieces from getting off place. That added another layer of safety for the pedestrians. In addition, the area at the rear of the tent used for live broadcast is also covered with gravel, fellow fighters who do live broadcasting will no longer need to stand on the uneven ground.The area around the rescue tent now is looking nice and neat. The camp exterior looks fully upgraded. The big tent and its surroundings are much more pleasant. The new NFSC flag flutters in the wind, which adds to the solemn atmosphere in the camp.

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