The CCP’s Anti-epidemic Policy Has Essentially Put The People Behind The Wall Into Prison

Japanese media reported on the current state of Beijing’s lockdown in a program on May 2. Although it is the Golden Week of May 1st, most of Beijing citizens are afraid to leave Beijing, and only choose places such as homestays in the suburbs of Beijing to play. The reason is that after leaving Beijing, as long as there is an epidemic in the city you are going to, or if you test positive for nucleic acid when you return to Beijing, you will not be able to return to Beijing. Those who do not need to live and work in Beijing have fled Beijing before it began to block some communities. There are even people who fled from Shanghai to Beijing before the closure of Shanghai now they chose to go to Hainan.

Japanese media also noted that in the Communist China, once the number of confirmed cases in a single day exceeds 50, it will be immediately lock down in any city except Beijing. However, in order to maintain its face and maintain the image of the success of the clear zero policy, the Chinese Communist Party has not lock down Beijing so far. At the same time, even if some communities are blocked, it still fails to stop the continuous rise in the number of new cases every day.

Analysts pointed out that the CCP’s anti-epidemic policy has essentially draw a circle on the ground and to serve as a prison for ordinary people.

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