Media Has A Huge Impact On Human Thought And Behavior

In a live broadcast with fellow fighters on May 11, Miles Guo described the media’s profound impact on human thought and behavior. Miles pointed out that several surveys have shown that the two most manageable communities in the world are Communist China and the United States. Both countries have the population influence to cover the entire world essentially. More than 39% of people in the United States trust the media, and in Communist China, it’s even more shocking, with 87-89% of people trusting the media.

Therefore, the vast catastrophe brought by the CCP virus vaccine to the whole world will be used as a bargaining chip for some politicians in a see-saw battle back and forth in the media, making information confusing and exhausting the people. Until all the sick and dead are pointed out to have intrinsic causes that the living don’t really care about.

And the mass will not know about the real cause of the catastrophe: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as the media will say, every government in the world, Big Capital, Big Pharma, and even the people around them who persuaded people to get vaccinated had a hand in it. In the end, people will only believe the scapegoat appointed in the media reports. This is the most helpless and saddest thing in the world today.

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