CCP’s NIA Tightens Outbound Travel

After NFSC News’s earlier report, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) canceled the investment emigration program. The CCP’s National Immigration Administration (NIA) held a meeting on May 10, citing pandemic prevention and control as the reason for enforcing a strict and tight entry and exit administration policy, strictly restricting residents’ non-essential outbound border activities, and strictly approving and issuing entry and exit travel documents.

Recently, the news has become frequent on Gettr and other social media that the CCP’s customs force residents to cancel their U.S. green cards, suspend the validity of their passports, and even cut the corners of their passports.

According to a green card holder who intended to fly to the U.S. via Hong Kong, border control officials examined his phone and personal computer, checked his foreign social media accounts in which negative comments about the CCP were read, and finally declined his departure on the grounds of endangering national security. Subsequently, his passport was cut at the corners, stamped with a cancellation stamp, and punched with holes, completely ending his trip to escape from Communist China.

This story echoed exactly the views of Miles Guo. He pointed out in his May 10 Live Broadcast that the CCP’s cutting off people’s passports and green cards was only the first step. Next, the CCP will confine the Chinese people’s thoughts within. Then, the CCP will cut off the people’s tongues and hands so that they cannot speak out or resist, turning all Chinese inside Communist China into the chained woman (the Chained mother of eight). Only by taking down the evil Chinese Communist Party can the Chinese people end this nightmare.

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