Miles Warns Life Comes First When Disaster Strikes

In the live broadcast on May 9th, Miles Guo said that brothers-in-arms must ensure their own safety and do not desire for the unreasonable when both the vaccine disasters arrive and the world economy collapse.

Miles mentioned that the infection rate of the CCP virus cases will continue to rise in the following weeks and that the world economy will see drastic changes. In addition to the brutal and intense warfare that may appear on Northern and Eastern Europe, each country’s economy will face challenges.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong dollar will come to an end in the collapse of the Hong Kong economy, and situation of brothers-in-arms inside Communist China will become extremely difficult. Under this circumstance, Miles warned brothers-in-arms to stay away from all kinds of CCP manipulated financial products.

Miles also emphasized again that brothers-in-arms must not get vaccinated against the CCP virus, do not have conflicts with anyone, and live in good health instead of a great illusion of wealth.

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