G-EDU Will Integrate The Advantages of Chinese and Western Education

Miles Guo revealed some of G-EDU’s plan in the May 8th grand live broadcast. He said that the traditional Chinese education of treating parents with sincere respectfulness is a part that must be promoted. And people in Chinese society can still maintain a harmonious family relationship with their parents even after they become independent. It is highly desirable to learn from the West about the aspect of being open-minded and providing a liberal environment for children’s nature and instincts to be developed.

However, Miles Guo also adds that the transition of Chinese parents to interfere with their children’s free development as they reach adulthood and the gradual alienation of adults from their parents in the Western world are both counterproductive to educational development.

According to Miles Guo, a human being’s nature and genes are difficult to change. And the upbringing provided by parenting has a tremendous impact on the individuals. Parents always act as “a mirror” of their children. An unhealthy family of origin can subconsciously influence a child’s development. Therefore, the New Federal State of China’s(NFSC)G-EDU hopes to integrate the strength of Eastern and Western education by providing a reliable and trustworthy education until the children reach the age of 18.

At the same time, the education provided by G-EDU allows those children to inherit the good virtue of Eastern culture of sincerely respecting parents and form a strong family bond once they are over age of 18 and become independent.

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