Former Policeman John Lee Ka-chiu to Become the Next Chief Executive of Hong Kong

On May 8th, as the only candidate, former policeman John Lee Ka-chiu stepped into the shoes of Carrie Lam with no suspense and became the next chief executive of Hong Kong.

The Japanese media refined four points in a program. First, John Lee is the first military attache that the CCP has been appointed as Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Second, the CCP has revised Hong Kong’s electoral system earlier, which actually prevented Hong Kong citizens from participating in the process of the election. Third, 99.9% of the 1,500 members of the Hong Kong Election Commission are pro-CCP, so the pro-democracy party was unable to be a candidate at all. Fourth, John Lee was the only candidate registered, which showed the backsliding of Hong Kong democratic electoral system. Based on the above four facts, democratic countries don’t see the election of the chief executive in Hong Kong as a real election.

The Japanese media particularly pointed out the reason why the CCP use this policeman John Lee, is that the CCP is afraid that the democratic ideology of Hong Kong people extend to Communist China, afraid of the recurrence of three million Hong Kong people puring to the streets during the 2019 repatriation movement; essentially afraid that Hong Kong would reject the CCP’s electoral system and achieve complete democratization. In the 2021 version of the white paper, the CCP first proposed to prevent color revolutions in Hong Kong, and Putin’s excuse for invading Ukraine was a copy of the CCP’s white paper. So the CCP and Putin are two of a kind.

Miles Guo alerted the world as early as 2019 that today’s Hong Kong was the world of tomorrow. He warned again in March of this year that Hong Kong will become even more dangerous in the coming days. People in Hong Kong need to carefully prepare for it, and wish for the glory to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible.

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