Artificial Intelligence Should be led by Democratic World

The world is only starting to grapple with the profound impacts of the artificial-intelligence (AI) revolution on humanity’s future. AI technologies will create waves of technological innovations in many fields. Successful adoption of AI will drive economies and reshape societies, and the degree of mastery of AI technology will determine which countries set the rules for the coming century.

To win this technology competition with the U.S., CCP made an organized and systematic effort to extract AI technology through espionage, talent recruitment, technology transfer and investments in foreign companies. CCP employed AI as a tool of stability maintenance, surveillance and social control in Communist China. In order to establish global hegemony and set global standards reflecting authoritarian values, CCP funded massive digital infrastructure projects around the world to monitor the commercial and political activities as well as public opinions. CCP is exporting the intelligence technology of monitoring and enslaving the Chinese people to the world.

To make the world’s democracies gain a competitive advantage and maintain leadership in the technological competition worldwide, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) hosted a Global Emerging Technology Summit that showed an important comparative advantage of democratic countries. At the meeting, the U.S. called for all partners around the world to be rooted in common values, respect the rule of law, and the recognition of fundamental human rights. The NSCAI’s final report provided a roadmap for the democratic international community to win this competition and set seven norms around AI and emerging technologies.

The first of which was developing and operationalizing standards and norms in support of democratic values and the development of secure, reliable and trusted technologies. In order to use AI responsibly, defend free people and free societies and advance the frontiers of science for the benefit of all humanity, the U.S. believed that the democratic world must lead the process where AI would reorganize the world and change the course of human history.

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