The CCP’s Overseas Assets Will Be All Sanctioned, Only H-Coin Is the Safest

On May 7th, Miles Guo revealed some details of the imminent sanctions imposed on the CCP by Western countries in a live broadcast. Miles mentioned that the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield is changing rapidly, but 90% of the U.S. military, financial, and intelligence forces are currently preparing for the Taiwan war.

The United States analyzes that the CCP will launch a blitzkrieg against Taiwan. Once the war has happened, The United States will immediately start an extreme war and impose strict sanctions against the CCP. It is completely different from the step-by-step sanctions against Russia to stop gas, oil and SWIFT.

All overseas deposits, real estate, stocks, marketable bonds, large-value materials, gold, etc. related to the Communist Party will be sanctioned. Under the sanctions, there are only two places for money to flow, one is the physical delivery of a small amount of gold, and the other is the digital currency market. HCoin is the safest. On the other hand, Bitcoin and Changpeng Zhao’s Binance exchange are very dangerous and cannot be safe shelters for funds.

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