Technological Advances Overturn the Modelski Cycle

According to internet information, since the September 11 incident in 2001, almost all the Chinese information in the research report on the political laws of the Modelski cycle came from the Chinese military, universities, and major media. According to the information obtained, the Chinese Communist Party has been operating for more than 20 years to replace the United States as the next hegemon of the Modelski cycle with the capacity of the entire nation.

For years, the Whistleblower Movement has revealed that the CCP has spared no effort to use vast sums of money, infiltrating Western democracies such as the United States. They have controlled most overseas Chinese media and some Western mainstream social media and turned them into the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign propaganda. In addition, they are using Belt and Road cooperation projects to control small States. The ugly act of making Western politicians and Wall Street bang the drum for them using their BGY exploitative trap.After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine turned the pattern of the war with the help of Starlink, a new generation of U.S. drones and intelligent precision strike weapons. Advanced military technology helped Ukraine successfully thwart Putin’s attempt to occupy Kyiv with a “blitzkrieg (blitz war).” In the absence of a large-scale naval battle, the Russian Navy’s proud flagship “Moskva” was sunk.

The Russian-Ukrainian War demonstrated with facts that possessing advanced military technology is an important magic weapon for victory. The cycle research literature of Pennsylvania State University pointed out that the acquisition of the world’s dominant power by the Modelski cycle is based on analyzing the importance of historical sea power. However, with the development of long-range weapons and aerial surveillance systems, the evaluation criteria adopted by the Modelski cycle no longer apply. The rapid growth of modern technology has overturned the Modelski process, and Xi Jinping’s ambition to dominate the world will also disappear.

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