CCP Reviews Its Plans To Invade Taiwan, Influenced by Russia-Ukraine War

US Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns said on May 7th that developments in Russia and Ukraine would affect the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) plans for Taiwan, and that the CCP was closely monitoring developments in the Russo-Ukrainian war and learning from them to adjust its plans to seize Taiwan.

Burns argues that the CCP leadership is trying to calculate on the costs and consequences of taking Taiwan by force, and further suggests that the CCP is unsettling and uncomfortable with Putin’s actions in driving Europeans and Americans closer, but that this will not shift Xi Jinping’s goal of taking Taiwan, only how and when they do so.

These views of Burns echo the message of Miles Guo in his live broadcast, which is that the CCP’s desire to seize Taiwan by force is a necessity of the CCP’s internal political struggle, and will not be changed by the war situation between Russia and Ukraine, or the increasing strength of Western sanctions.

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